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  • Are You an Acting Addict?

    Please welcome Backstage’s new Working Actor columnist, Kelli Barrett, who will be starring on Broadway this spring in “Doctor Zhivago.”
    My name is Kelli Barrett and I am an actor.
    I’d like to welcome you to your next year of AA. That’s “Actors Anonymous” for anyone new to the program. Over the next year, we will be learning the 12 steps for coping with our addiction to acting. We will learn to share, discover, and manage our addiction in a way that allows us to live the most healthy and rewarding lifestyle we can. So let’s dive right in.
    Step 1. We must admit that we are powerless over our addiction and our lives have become unmanageable.
    If any of you have been through AA in its original form or know someone who has, then this first step may look familiar. There are many of you out there living with your addiction in secret. There are two camps to which I’m speaking specifically. First, there are those of you who moved to New York to pursue your dream, have taken the necessary survival jobs but failed to thrust yourself into the world of auditions and cold calls for fear of failing.
    In the other camp we have those of you in steady jobs climbing corporate ladders, living

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