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  • 9 Camera Shots All Actors Should Know

    Whether creating your own content or acting in a major studio production, understanding the filmmakers’ craft will improve your performance and make you the crew’s best friend. Dipping your toe into film and television? Here are nine basic shots types that all on-camera actors should know!
    The Establishing ShotRemember the outside of Jerry Seinfeld’s favorite diner or the house on the hill in “Psycho”? Frequently used in ’90s sitcoms and classic films, the establishing shot is an extremely wide view—often an exterior—used to the indicate the place, time, or concept of the scene that follows. While it may not contain any actors, placement of characters within the establishing shot can be a great tool for indicating relationship before the start of the scene.
    The Master Shot The master differs from the establishing shot in that it covers all of the action of the scene, providing a wide view that will later be cut with tighter angles and close ups. Since it is often the first shot to be filmed, actors help the director out by choosing a physical action that can be repeated take after take without hindering the creative process. 
    The Tracking Shot (or Dolly Shot) This

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