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  • 3 Ways to Stand Up for Yourself in the Biz

    These columns have talked a lot about rejecting the herd mentality and stopping following the advice churned out by other actors who cling to a cookie-cutter path to success. The reality is that part of your journey as an actor means you need to figure out how you carve your own path to success. Figuring it out is part of what you’ve committed to on this journey. You know that your successful career won’t look like anyone else’s.
    But what about the curve balls that get thrown at you as you’re diligently hoeing the road in front of you? 
    Here are some obstacles—or hits in the groin—that can undermine your confidence and your love of the industry. How you handle them determines your success in the business. 
    1. The casting couch. Many female actor clients complain that when they go to film festivals to network, they can’t tell whether directors and producers they meet want to sleep with them or cast them. Any producer or director that is considering your work first would never want to alienate their relationship with you by muddying the water with innuendo. So if you sense innuendo using your sharp intuition, then you’re probably right. 
    Be very discerning about who

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