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  • The Terror of Triumph

    This is an ephemeral topic fraught with psychological overtones, as we all know. It is nonetheless directly at the core of what motivates and drives us forward both personally and professionally.
    Recently, I attended a wonderful debut performance of a student at 54Below. It’s important to note that this is a working actor, soon to open in a Broadway show. When I asked him how he felt about his experience that night, he said that it was “terrifying…and wonderful.”
    No doubt, some if not all of you, have felt this terror or something similar.
    But why the terror in a seasoned, successful actor, or in any of us for that matter? If we agree that terror is intense, overpowering fear…what on Earth triggers such fear?
    Somewhere in our personal backstories we may hold fear or terror from a traumatic incident experienced very long ago. Once experienced, our amazing minds got to work to create a new way of being, which protects us from ever feeling this fear or terror again by making certain that we do nothing to provoke it. This new way of being must be, by necessity and design, less spontaneous, risk taking, joyous, courageous, instinctual, trusting, confident, present. We have agreed to withhold our

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