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  • 5 Ways to Change the Way You Think About Acting

    The spirit of us is indestructible.
    Science says that life is not only about possibility, but it’s actually born out of possibility. The fact that the universe conspired to come together with the exact carbon-hydrogen-oxygen ratio to sustain life some 3.5 billion years ago in the form of prokaryotic sludge that through millennia transformed into life—and we’re sitting here right now talking about it—is possibility.
    So why, oh why, do we let the business get us down?
    You’re bigger than the business. The business doesn’t define you. It doesn’t dictate your happiness. It doesn’t set your self-esteem or self-worth value. 
    Or maybe it does, and you need to change that. 
    Here are five other paradigm shifts to consider: 
    1. Everyone gets frustrated by the business. Everyone hears their share of no’s. Agents don’t get calls returned; casting directors get denied seeing an actor they want to see; producers can’t get the money for their projects or the money falls apart; and famous actors (you thought they had no problems!) are stereotyped based on their breakthrough roles. 
    2. Remember the 10-year rule. Give or take. Our trusted social researcher,

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