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  • 6 Inspiring Teachable Moments for Voice Actors

    Believe it or not, it’s been a full year since we began writing the Voiceover Exchange to help voice actors find and stay the course of success. This month we’re inviting a select group of voice actors and a national TV producer to share personal lessons that made a difference in their careers and could do the same for yours. Their words are precious, indeed. Take them to heart and put them into action.
    Voiceover casting directors think visually, too. The producer supplied this casting spec for the voiceover: “Edward Norton or Kevin Costner.” OK, fine. But wait, neither actor sounds much like anything at all. Their voices are quite vanilla and generic. This happens a lot; we get a celebrity as VO casting prototype. But, somehow, after listening to examples of both actors’ work, I finally got it! They didn’t want me to sound like Norton or Costner…they want me to sound like they look! The clients want my VO performance to produce the same feeling as Norton’s or Costner’s iconic images. The reasonable mistake we make as voice actors is assuming we are being asked for a vocal imitation. Commercial producers and directors think visually, even when

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