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  • 1 Way to Stay Healthy This Audition Season

    Actors always have to deal with the fact that cold/flu season and high audition season are one and the same. Most of us have stories of having to audition when we’re sick as a dog, or worse, having to cancel a big appointment due to illness. It is very easy to get exhausted during this time of year, and our immunity can suffer. I’m going to assume that you are acquainted with many of the precautions that one should take to avoid getting sick (if you don’t know to wash your hands by now, I can’t help you). But in this column, I’m going to address another means of boosting your immunity that you may not have considered: the lymphatic system.
    Lymph is a fluid that is essentially a garbage system for the body. It begins as blood plasma, and as it moves, it pulls toxins out of the blood and sends these waste products to the kidneys. Unlike the circulatory system, which has the heart working for it 24/7, the lymphatic system does not have any pump mechanism moving it around. There are only two ways to move lymph through the body: exercise and breathing. This fact alone should be inspiration to get your body moving this winter, and to become more mindful of how you’re breathing. If you don’t

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