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  • What’s Stopping You? 5 Steps to Get You Moving Again

    What’s stopping you from doing what you want with your life?
    Let’s be honest. We all have our excuses of why we aren’t where we want to be. Goodness knows I’ve got mine. But remember, at the end of your days, it’s not what you did that you most regret, but what you didn’t do! So at least try. What have you got to lose? Even if you don’t win the brass ring, you’ll have some great stories and a wonderful life! Now, let’s look at some of our favorite excuses.
    Did you ever hear the phrase “one excuse is as good as another?”

    Your parents told you that you can’t do it? Right. When was the last time you listened to them?
    Your friends told you that you can’t do it? Take that as a challenge! If someone tells me I can’t do something, I do it just to prove them wrong! 
    Everything keeps knocking you down in your life? Ever hear of getting back up again? The people who succeed aren’t better. They just get back up more!
    Does everything in your life seem to be negative? Those are just little gifts put there to make you so uncomfortable that you have to move forward.

    Did any of those excuses sound familiar to you? I actually think the

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