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  • Why Knowing Your Type IS Important

    I have a love/hate relationship with being typecast. I don’t think I’m alone in this thinking. Many actors endeavor to break away from being cast in the same roles over and over again. I think I speak true when I say it’s the actor’s dream to be one of those few who is known for breaking the mold. Gary Oldman comes to mind, the man is a chameleon.
    However, I think it is important to take note of your type. Here’s why.
    Knowing your type is important because it can broaden your horizon.We all have our own presupposition of the type of characters we should be playing. However, we’re not always as perceptive of the vast pool of character types we could go for.
    For a long time, I only saw myself as the best friend or the quirky girl on the sidelines. Not as glamorous as the leading lady types but still fun characters for a lifetime career as an actress.
    Then in one acting course, my classmates and I were asked to spend a full minute silently staring at each other to think up the types of characters we could see that person playing. I loathed it, but soon learned how beneficial it was to have an idea of how others saw me.
    During the session, my preconceived ideas were broadened to reveal a new

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