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  • 25 Lies You Tell Yourself About Your Acting Career

    If you aren’t currently booking the roles you want, there’s a high likelihood that you’re telling yourself one or more of the following: 

    I’m too old (didn’t start early enough).
    I don’t live in the right city (LA or NYC).
    I don’t have what it takes (ie – enough talent).
    I don’t have enough experience.
    I don’t have enough training.
    I don’t know the right people.
    I don’t have enough money.
    I’m not in a union.
    I don’t have a good enough agent (or an agent period).
    I’m not confident enough.
    I’m not good enough/I don’t deserve to succeed.
    I’m wasting my time. I should just go back to school.
    See those other people? They’ve got it. I don’t. 
    I’m not interesting enough.
    I don’t have thick enough skin; I can’t take the rejection.
    Who do I think I am?
    It’s now or never.
    I don’t have the right look.
    They’re silently laughing at me for even auditioning for this role.
    I’m just gonna mess it up.
    I’ll never get cast in a role I care about.
    I’ll never be able to work as an actor.
    There aren’t enough roles.
    I don’t have the right

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