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  • 11 Veteran Actors on How to Say No in This Business

    One of the hardest skills to learn as a professional actor is saying no—especially at the beginning of a career when every opportunity can feel like a lifeline. Knowing when a gig or situation is not right is a subtle art, but an essential skill to survive the eventual wear and tear of a career in acting. But it is also an important skill to hone early on. Saying no will allow you to escape bad auditions, define your boundaries in uncomfortable scenes, maintain your integrity, and shape your career.We’ve pulled together quotes from actors, both stage and screen to share their perspective on saying no—when to do it, how it changed their careers, and how in the end, it helped them say yes to a life of calculated risks.
    Isabella Boylston, dance double for Jennifer Lawrence in “Red Sparrow”“I just have to make sure I’m taking enough time for myself. I’m starting this thing where I’m saying no to more. I think sometimes it’s hard to say no because you’re really eager and you don’t want to turn down cool opportunities, but of course, I am really thankful for them.”
    Penélope Cruz, “The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime

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