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  • The 1 Thing You Need to Stop Doing

    Please. Stop thinking so damn hard. Now! Stop thinking about thinking so damned hard. Let it go.
    OK, suggesting an actor cease thinking too hard is about the same as being like, “Let’s see if Annoying Actor Friend can make it through a column without a ‘Frozen’ reference.” Oops.
    Thinking too hard will consume you. We can’t help it. We’re actors. We’re trained to take the craft seriously. But I’m not just talking about what’s going on inside our heads while onstage, in front of a camera, or in the audition room. We go through a three-act play inside our heads within seconds upon spotting a blemish on our face. Like that’s one of the #ReasonsIDidntBookIt.
    I’m talking about everything. Your headshot. Your résumé font. The bar you were in where you neglected to network with someone you thought might be important. Wondering whether or not everyone we meet is important. We think too much.
    When did it happen to you? It happened to me about five minutes into the first acting class of my college conservatory program. We started by clearing our heads using meticulous meditation techniques and, ironically, my head has been full of shit ever since. This

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