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  • 15 Networking Tips for the Thriving Voice Actor

    Every human enterprise gives rise to its own brand of networking. One might argue that networking is the lifeblood of success. Some describe it as “playing politics,” some subscribe to the philosophy of “It’s who you know,” and then there are some who are content in the belief that, “good things come to those who wait.” Networking is a powerful and essential tool for any endeavor and we want to show you specifically how the voice actor can use it to ignite career success and create meaningful long-term relationships.
    In years past, word of mouth was generally enough to keep a relatively small pool of voice actors busy doing the lion’s share of the most lucrative jobs. Now the industry is decentralized—spread out across a web of home studios and new digital offerings that have created greater demand for more varied and more specialized voiceover skills. The evolving nature of the industry and supporting technologies is more of a moving target with new specialties emerging daily. 
    Networking is the great equalizer. It is one of the most useful tools you can employ towards a successful career outcome. The key is in learning to appreciate the mindset of the people with whom

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