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    I meet many, many people through my journeys as an actor and a coach, and a lot of those conversations revolve around business, marketing, and motivation. (I guess I’m a magnet for that kind of talk!) I have seen people at all levels of success and achievement, and everyone’s story varies—where they grew up, how much support they had from their families, whether or not they went to theater school, what city they chose to ply their wares, etc. Amongst all of these differences, there’s one element that was evident in nearly every successful person I’ve met:
    The willingness to ask for help.
    When I was growing up, my parents didn’t have money to spend on dance classes or drama camp; the training I received was through public school arts programs. After choir concerts or school plays, people often asked me where I had gotten my training, and they seemed shocked and enthralled when my parents said, “Nowhere, this is just her natural talent.” I began feeling like my natural talent made me something special, in a way that training since the age of 5 could not. After all, I thought to myself, anyone can train, but not everyone can have natural talent.
    But once I got to college, things got

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