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  • How Negativity Affects Career Longevity

    In addition to understanding the business and finding your own creative process, the third element to having a successful acting career is how you approach it psychologically. Going into auditions with a negative point of view will affect your acting, auditions, and relationships.
    Unlike almost any other aspect of your career, you can control the ways in which you view yourself and the casting process. How you feel when you get an appointment and when you don’t, when you enter and leave an audition, and when you do or do not get a role all contribute to your longevity in the business. I often hear actors say, “But it is so hard to deal with rejection.”OK, but guess what? This is the career you have chosen for yourself and even the most well-known actor knows that he will not get more roles than he gets. Rejection is part of the job and the “job” is to audition.
    OK, let’s look at what you call rejection: Is the rejection of you as a human being or of you in the context of the role that is being cast? If you believe it is the former, stop that! In essence what has been rejected is you, as a “commodity.” When you don’t get cast it is because you either don’t fit the role

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