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  • 4 Excuses That Are Killing Your Acting Career

    Achieving the kind of acting career you’re striving for—lead roles on TV shows, big movies, Emmys, Oscars, etc.—is very, very difficult. Almost impossible. Most of you are trying to do no less than conquer the entertainment industry. And it’s something that many have attempted, but a microscopic few have actually done. 
    This is a business in which booking four high-end guest spots on great TV shows in a year—an amazing achievement—barely keeps you financially afloat. It’s a business in which this year’s Oscar winner is next year’s has-been. It’s a business in which 40 are chosen to audition out of a thousand, 10 are called back of those 40, and only four are ever really in contention. It’s tough. But one thing is for sure: If you have any hope of competing at the level that is required to get close to the acting career you want, there is absolutely no room for excuses. 
    In a business where the train is moving at the speed of light and each production is managing a thousand moving parts, what your agent, the casting director, the traffic, your mom, or your dog may or may have not done to get in your way is irrelevant. Excuses shirk your responsibility as

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