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  • 5 Things You Want Your Agent to Want

    “What do you enjoy most about your job?”
    This question comes up a lot during workshops. Over the years, I’ve heard agents respond in many different ways. Most of their answers involve things like the pleasure they receive from an actor getting his or her first job. I guess that’s an honest response. I’ve said it myself. But for the purposes of this column, I’d like to dig deeper.
    I’ve been an agent for over 10 years. During that time, I’ve experienced moments of orgasmic joy as the bookings piled up and dollars rained down like pennies from heaven. But there were also times when I could barely get out of bed because nothing was going right and my commission statements were a joke. So for me, it isn’t solely about the money.
    That begs the question: Why do I do what I do? It took a few drinks to figure it out but I came up with five honest reasons I love being an agent:
    1. I’m the kind of guy who gets bored easily. So the thought of being stuck in an office doing the same thing every day is terrifying. Working as an agent brings variety into my life. For example, I spent Tuesday afternoon on set with a client and I left work early on Thursday to attend a screening on

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