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  • Have Proof You Can Juggle and 4 Other Important Tips

    Our Backstage Experts are full of amazing advice to help move your career forward, and we wouldn’t want you to miss one drop of it. Here are five tips to keep in mind during the week ahead! 
    Defend your right to prepare!“There is no professional situation in which an actor would have a script dropped on them and be asked to ‘act’ without being given a minimal allotment of prep time. Dropping a script on a performer and giving them the command ‘go’ takes away their power. It is the responsibility and the duty of the actor to stand up for him or herself and say, “I’m going to need 15 minutes of prep time” with a firm voice and a smile.” —Joseph Pearlman
    Know that no one knows.“We have an idea what we want, a concept of who the character is, but it is not set in concrete. It is up to you to approach every audition firm in the knowledge that no one knows. And if you can do that, then you will constantly search for a version that feels right in your audition prep, in your audition delivery, in rehearsal, and again when you work on set.” —Greg Apps
    Listen to what your child actor wants.“As a parent, you know your child like no other.

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