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  • Are You Still Trying to Please Everyone?

    Are you as exhausted with selling yourself as I am? I feel like every time I enter an audition, I’ve accidentally taken a wrong turn into a red-light district. But not, like, a classy Saturday night red-light district. I’ve been banished to work the Sunday matinee crowd. There I am, bumping and grinding in broad daylight, trying with everything in my power to score a john—but they all just gawk at me with a bug-eyed look before passing on to the next. When did the business turn us into such whores? I guess there were always similarities between our profession and the Oldest Profession, but I’m sure there was a moment when we at least thought of ourselves as High-Class Call Girls.
    It comes with the territory. “This business is hard.” “Only do it if you can’t bear doing anything else.” Yada yada yada. But seriously. It sucks. It sucks so hard. And it only sucks for you, because thanks to social media, everyone you know is painfully successful. So we keep hustling until someone thinks we’re worth something, and when they finally do we spend the rest of the relationship trying to prove to them why we were hired in the first place. We need to stop giving a shit about

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