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  • Don’t Waste Your Own Time and 4 Other Tips

    This will be your year, and we want to help! Our Backstage Experts are full of amazing advice to help move your career forward, and we wouldn’t want you to miss one drop of it. Here are five tips to keep in mind during the week ahead!
    Charm the people in the room.“This is about so much more than “getting the job.” It’s about making fans in the industry, and getting back in that room again, and maybe in a relatively short period of time. That’s how an actor’s reputation grows. If they keep bringing you back, you are doing your job. The casting director is trying to find the right part for you. The more casting directors you have on your side, the better. Getting callbacks means you are doing something right.” —Matt Newton and Brian O’Neil
    Be honest with yourself about your dreams.“It’s key to find the courage and clarity to ask yourself what it is you want. Not what you have said in the past, but what is your dream right now, because the you of a year or two ago may have wanted something very different from the you of today. Do you still want to act or have you fallen in love with directing or writing? Do you want to do a play or start working in film? No

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