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  • Crush Your Nerves With Confidence and 4 More Tips

    Need a little inspiration? Our Backstage Experts are full of amazing advice to help move your career forward, and we wouldn’t want you to miss one drop of it. Here are five tips to keep in mind during the week ahead!
    Be aware of physical tension while singing.“If something hurts, feels overworked, or stressed in your mechanism while singing, or if you get easily vocally fatigued, that’s your body telling you that you are not doing something right. Listen to your body, start to become aware of these tensions, work to undo them, and then build back your support and resonance from a much more efficient and healthy place of support.” —Arden Kaywin
    Know that it’s OK to panic.“Cut yourself some slack. Acknowledge how well you’re actually doing. Don’t get caught up in the “should’s.” Change your self-dialogue to something more supportive and loving. Don’t beat yourself up when you get nervous or anxious or feel like you should be able to go into audition rooms and not get nervous.” —Anthony Meindl
    Always audit a potential acting class.“it is crucial to set up audits with a minimum of three teachers who specialize in those approaches that

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