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  • Don’t Build Your Career on an Illusion

    There is an illusion we all buy into about the entertainment industry—that once we achieve our dreams, all our hard work will melt away and it’ll be all “champagne wishes and caviar dreams.” (Thanks “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” for that crippling and impossible ideal.) But I’m here to tell you it’s BS, and there is a much more practical and awesome way to live your life and create a career. 
    I was recently a guest on the actor’s roundtable episodes of the Inside Acting Podcast and mentioned that this business is definitely not all “roses and red carpets.” This phrase struck a chord with a lot of people because there seems to be an inescapable moment that happens to a lot of us in this business when it’s gotten to be too tough, and we either decide to throw in the towel or continue on. 
    It happened to me a couple of years ago. I was still living in the land of thinking my “big break” was right around the corner, but the reality was that nothing was happening the way my “vision board” looked on my wall. Call it karmic intervention or a slap in the face, but I went to a panel event and saw Emmy award-winning directors

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