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  • How to Quiet That Negative Voice in Your Head

    Do you have a tiny gremlin that lives in your head, constantly telling you what your “flaws” are? Why “no one needs you” in the art world? Welcome to the club!
    That gremlin is your ego, your subconscious mind, your inner critic. But here’s the thing: your gremlin is not evil. It’s important to realize that because it’s here to stay—it has a job to do. It’s here to protect you from loss of love, money, and safety. That’s a critical job (perfect for a critic, right?). It’s trying to help you, but we all know most of the time it’s just plain incompetent. It seems the only way it knows how to get your attention is to shout at you about how you’re not talented enough, don’t make enough money, don’t have the right look…or is that just mine?
    There are two significant fears everyone has:

    You are not enough
    You won’t be loved

    These fears show up differently for everyone. “Don’t you think you’re too unattractive for that role?” your gremlin might suggest. “All the other girls in this room are prettier than you.”
    “Why would anyone want to hear your story? It’s nothing

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